General Instructions

Each event runs under a set of General Instructions.  This document sets down the various procedures and policies that govern participation in the event.  You should be familiar with the procedures and definitions in this document before starting any CORC rally.

Click here to open the PDF version of our General Instructions in a new window.

Road Maps –  If you would like to have maps of the rally area, you might consider either the Ohio Gazetteer, which is available in many gas stations, or a set of 1″ = 2 Miles scale county highway maps which are available from the Ohio Department Of Transportation (ODOT), Map Sales on West Broad Street in Columbus.  They are available in either 8.5″ x 11″ (hard to read, about 2 miles = 1 inch), or 17″ x 22″.  The ODOT web site for maps is here.